Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

Star Wars episode VIII: The Social Justice Awakens 

May contain spoilers* 

       This is an important movie for the world to see. Touching on themes of slavery, animal cruelty, rich war profiteers and other off topic, edgy shit that you loooove to find in a Star Wars movie. Having the aliens in the casino sound like white Americans was a nice touch. Of course these subplots all tie into the plot nicely and lead somewhere right? Right? Oh wait they didn't. At all.
The director makes an interesting choice in taking the Star Wars out of a Star Wars movie. Bold move. But I think replacing it with a PETA commercial really causes us to dig deep into how to apply it to our real, non sci-fi lives. 

The films true social justice nature comes into frame with the return of legendary jedi Luke Skywalker. Luke has spent many years on his own topical private island living off the backs of the islands native population. These creatures clean up after him and ensure he enjoys his solitude while he drinks all their milk and depletes the fish populations. Luke is a dick. A privileged white male who benefits off the backs of the black.. I mean native aliens. His story arch is the most dynamic in the movie as he begins to realize the social justice effort in the galaxy that desperately needs him. Eventually we see him project himself across the galaxy and save everyone without even leaving his luxurious haven, similar to how Hollywood actors save the world on a daily basis through their twitter feeds. At the end of his epic arch, Luke becomes fully woke to his white privledge and escends out of reality, the best thing that could happen to a white male. 

All in all this movie is a great expression how white cisgender males and the toll they take on society. What better movie to show us this then a star wars movie. Seriously. Bravo gang.

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