1000th film: Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

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  • Yung Lean: In My Head

    Yung Lean: In My Head

    I've heard most of the story before but the way it was presented in this doco made it highly emotional and the great amount of B-roll really took you through the whole story of Lean's career. All the shots of Miami and the B-roll during the Miami section was really impactful.

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

    Woah I picked up a lot more from this than I did the first time.

    I love the cinematography in this, especially the lighting. And just generally all the technical aspects are on point. I love the lead actor as he goes through all these characters you never get a glimpse of a baseline character he's only ever the character he's playing.

    As for the messaging I think the conclusion I've reached on this watch is the film is not…

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  • Meet Dave

    Meet Dave


    Better than Endgame

  • Mad World

    Mad World



    This movie hit a bit too close to home in a few parts and there were many moments where I was in the verge of tears.

    Deep down I think a lot of us have fears of becoming one of the characters in this movie. Things can all go wrong at once and you have to carry the burden of the way you deal with things on your shoulders forever. For me at least this is a huge fear.…