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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie had so much pressure on it, from fans and producers alike. It had to be the biggest FF movie we'd seen, it had to retain the sincerity the fans liked, and it had to make money. These and many more factors play into what at times can be pretty by the numbers, however I feel that this works perfectly for the film.

The film at it's most basic bones is a fight between human sincerity + emotions and logic lead machines. In a franchise that becomes more and more computerised each movie the human sincerity is the thing that pulls it all through. Hobbes and Shaw was an interesting moment in the franchise because despite being a movie explicitly about humans versus computers it was the most machanic movie of the franchise where the two stars were stripped of any real emotion and so it didn't matter that they won against the machines in the end because it felt like they themselves were merely machines. However in this movie it puts these themes to use in an incredible way where at times you think that the machines have taken over the movie but it pulls it all back to being at it's very core about family.

These themes are very evident in the text where the protagonists face off against villains who use only numbers and logic and end up winning with their human luck. When Roman began to make ironic jokes about how they never get a scratch after these large action sequences I began to worry, they mention how they must be invincible and Tej makes a comment about how logicly Roman is right they must be invincible. This really took me out of the stakes for a bit I felt like when even the movie is acknowledging this it must be pretty clear that nothing bad will happen however it saves it because in the end Roman makes a speech about how it is just human luck that has gotten them through at these fleeting moments where the movie looks to be killing it's sincerity it brings it all back with a sincere speech without a hint of irony in it.

This is why I really love this franchise it's had such an ability to push through the challenges of blockbuster movie making and still come out with the human aspect being the most important. This was also just such a ridiculously fun movie.

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