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  • Tenet



    A new Christopher Nolan film is an event.

    Every time I watch a movie of his for the first time, I feel like I’ve witnessed something unprecedented and once again, he’s treated us to something wholly and genuinely new.

    Whilst this is his most challenging film to date, with a plot that will need repeated viewings to fully appreciate, Nolan succeeds in achieving the most important function of cinema. He makes you feel it. 

    Washington, Pattinson & Debicki all deliver excellent…

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  • Halloween



    This was better than expected and spending my Sunday watching the 1978 OG, immediately followed by this was a good decision.

    Props to all involved for coming up with a convincing premise/story, delivering a legitimate follow up to a classic.

    Once again, the relentlessness of Michael Myers keeps him as terrifying as ever.


  • The Raid

    The Raid


    This movie is absolutely ferocious.

    It has an unstoppable momentum that blazes through one outrageously choreographed fight scene to the next, never pausing for much of a breath.

    A gloomy, desaturated colour palette, along with a punchy soundtrack provided by Mike Shinoda of Linking Park fame, add the additional cinematic touches to round this out, but ultimately this film is just relentless and that's why it's so fun.

    Film Club #002