Scream ★★★★½

It was really cool to see the original scream after watching the new one, you can see where some of the tropes started from and they felt a lot newer and nothing overstayed it’s welcome either. Sidney using the ghostface voice box and calling Billy to swap the killer and victim role was really cool, they did it again in the sixth movie and I didn’t know at the time that it was just reused from the first one, makes that movie way less cool since it’s not even an original idea. 
Sometimes ghostface really pulls some iconic and scary one liners like in the opening with “I wanna know who I’m looking at”. Very well done, ghostface, changed the tone immediately and makes you feel on edge. But sometimes he’s really not on his game like later on when he called Sid. I kinda like that, ghostface isn’t some supernatural being, he’s not some random scary killer who broke out of prison to kill this random group of teens. He’s just a guy, like you can kick him and push him and he’ll trip over his long ass cloak and give you time to run away. It almost makes it more suspenseful, it doesn’t feel like an encounter with him will automatically kill someone. The suspense doesn’t come from how they are gonna die, but if they are gonna die. Maybe I’ve seen too many supernatural horrors where the entity is all-powerful and can control anything it wants to, so you know the character is fucked. But ghostface being some person in Halloween costume, and the slasher combines with a who done it mystery, it’s really creative.

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