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  • Spree



    A wasted potential in itself while trying to pull off the digital age psychosis horror-drama. It is merely an insult to call it the American Psycho of our time.

    All the gorey scenes are potentially destroyed by autocensure. We are left alone with our imagination across supposedly half cut and poisoned bodies. Even the climax can't help it.

    The humor is mediocre, the topic is far from original; it repeats itself and bores me with the ongoing Instagram story shares and the endless, cringy feedbacks and hyperbolical acting.

    The only good thing about this movie is Joe Keery's acting.

  • The Untamed

    The Untamed


    Escalante; one more person to embrace, one more name to memorize.

    La Region Salvaje is a remarkable piece of work portraying fantastic yet exceptionally realistic image of individuals and their libidos in an extraterrestrial environment serving as a window to our basic primitive urges; shaped by Freudian metaphors in the Mexican daily life.

    The social concerns and the repressed sentiments are present in every stage of the movie.

    The wide angle frames, the outcasted setting, the wild nature, the delicate…

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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    A feel good movie where the ending is far from reality. Basically the gay version of Meet The Parents with a cheesy finale and horrible, disgusting music.

    The cast is nice and it is funny at times but that's about it.

    I couldn't bear seeing the character of Stewart getting humiliated all along the movie, how could she? And the way the youngest sister is treated. Almost everyone except these two and her gay friend were fricking annoying.... And then suddenly everyone got so lovely and accepting and all.. Incredibly cliché and ridiculously unrealistic.

  • 12 Hour Shift

    12 Hour Shift


    I like my horror crazy, weirdass and black as tar ❤️ Preferably with David Arquette.

    Funny af, dark like magic, cast is dope; Brea Grant is a queen.

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  • Ethos



    Bir Başkadır a.k.a Ethos is a Renaissance painting in a William Faulkner novel made in Turkey.

    It is a handbook where alienation, polarization and social clashes in Turkey transform into 8 episodes which fly by delicately with such deliberate yet so nonchalant transitions.

    A blend of ethos, pathos and catharsis turn this series into a particular masterpiece without rubbing it into our faces.

  • Ex Drummer

    Ex Drummer


    Trash at its best.

    Irregular frames, rewinds, upside down takes, squats, gore, violence, explicit nature, brilliant performances, familiar faces like Sam Louwyk, Jan Hammenecker and Wim Willaert bring forward an unforgettable punk movie by Koen Mortier.