• Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Day 20 of Halloween 2022

    I sure remember liking this a lot more when I was, like... 8? I don't really have time for a don't-be-horny-or-else slasher, especially one with so little going for it aesthetically. I wanna touch that lake water though it looks like it would refresh and revitalize my entire body the moment it made contact with my sad little hands

  • Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman


    Day 19 of Halloween 2022

    It does that nostalgic b-movie thing I'm sick to death of, but in a way that respects its audience enough to just let dumb shit be dumb, and it revels in that without winking at the audience or trying to break up every moment with a stupid quip to make sure you don't accidentally feel something. It's actually pretty fun. And the costume designs are sick as hell too.

  • Halloween



    I've joked before that I think this movie is boring and it's not, exactly, but it's a weird one for me because I rewatch it almost once a year and still never really get that into it. It's beautiful and iconic and tense, but it's a real slow burn in a way that the slashers I tend to like usually aren't. I recognize its impact on the genre and will probably keep watching it every year but I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna love it.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Day 17 of Halloween 2022

    This really codified the early-ish slasher format in a way that some other specific holiday-themed movies didn’t do quite as successfully

  • The Devil's Rejects

    The Devil's Rejects


    Day 16 of Halloween 2022

    You just gotta hate when you're on a nice family road trip and some pigs interrupt your vacation

  • House of 1000 Corpses

    House of 1000 Corpses


    Day 15 of Halloween 2022

    This isn't personally what I do on Halloween but if you're gonna have a tradition it should be one you enjoy, and hey, ACAB. It's like if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a carnival ride, 10/10

  • Hellraiser



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Day 14 of Halloween 2022

    Okay, yeah, it’s nowhere near as horny as the originals, no leather and very few chains, and it could stand to be a whole lot gorier. Also I don’t entirely agree with the specific way they changed the mechanics/“rules” of the box and the cenobites (it’s cool in its own way though imo). Not hands that call us, etc, etc. But there’s some really unforgettable setpieces and the new cenobites themselves are extremely sick and…

  • Dark Glasses

    Dark Glasses


    Day 13 of Halloween 2022

    There’s a good story in here, somewhere. I liked parts of it. A shame there’s not really much in the way of style or tension. The action doesn’t feel urgent, the kills are tame with a mild suggestion of gore, and there’s just not much going on visually. It’s a muted film that feels like it doesn’t always want to be, with a definite sense of sentimentality but not enough passion. I appreciate what it's trying to do but it didn't land for me.

    At least the score is pretty good.

  • Dracula 3D

    Dracula 3D

    Day 12 of Halloween 2022

    Can’t believe he dractually made this

  • Nope



    Day 11 of Halloween 2022

    I know this movie's gonna stick with me forever because of how every time I see a cool cloud now I get the urge to say "Jean Jacket?" except nobody I know has seen it yet

  • Blood Machines

    Blood Machines

    Day 10 of Halloween 2022

    This whole ~retro nostalgic throwback~ trend with the fake film look and the synthwave and shit is so trite. It looks the way Carpenter Brut sounds (I mean, obviously).

    I'm bored and I've been put to sleep, good night.

  • Opera



    Day 9 of Halloween 2022

    Dario Argento really loves to put a girl in a situation and a guy in some gloves. Peak surreal murder freak cinema.