Skyfall ★★★★

"welcome to scotland"
(the last part of the review will be dragging audrey, so you can either skip ahead to the break or stop at it)
i love the song and sequence. i dont wanna say theyre better than goldfinger or live and let die, so ill say these three tie for the top spot. the skyfall song and title sequence are so beyond amazing.
i loved this when i first saw it. why? i dont know. i think i liked the self-importance, weirdly enough. i certainly liked ben whishaw as q, and i thought the scotland part was the strongest. seeing it now, im struck by how amazing the colors look.
i hate when bond plays sherlock, and the part where he got in the shower with that one woman was just a perfect example of how gross the bond series is.
"in your defense, a moving target is harder to hit"
"then youd better keep moving"
MONEYPENNY IS BACK!!!!! i almost couldnt handle two movies without her. shooting bond! amazing! and that scene in macau...i almost oculdnt handle it. i think it's because they came too close to sleeping together, and theres the whole thing that, if they do that, shell end up like every bond girl. thats super weird, but it's how it is. i do hate all the pussyfooting around, though. whew i really did just lose it at those scenes. i love my parents and this will not be worth it if the franchise ends and they dont end up married.
my biggest beef with this is the character of mr silver. i really want to take off 2 stars for this, but i also really want to give this movie a 4.5 and pretend his character doesnt exist. before he showed up, i was really thinking this was a really good movie. the characters, the performances, the sets, the story...all of them were so above the average bond film.
i will be watching spectre at the appointed time. i just couldnt wait to watch another with q and moneypenny

okay, so. i saw bright star in junior year of high school. i loved it. i dont remember exactly when i got audrey to watch it, but she watched most of it with me before having to go home. i tried to get her to promise to finish it at home, but she never did. she really does not like that movie. now, after many rewatches of my own, i got her to watch it again. her opinion didnt change. ive always thought she was kinda harsh.
i make a lot of jokes. a lot of them are about movie characters or actors. ive made a lot of jokes about bright star over the years, and about q in skyfall and spectre. i made a joke just recently about tunnels being for the gays. i joked about keats and brown being a couple in bright star. i joked about bond and q being into each other. i said i was trying to make a joke about the music and ben whishaws acting in bright star.
however, audrey just did not get it. i dont know why she didnt look him up when i watched lilting. however, she did not, and she was totally unfair to ben whishaw, and she is a traitor to the community. but at least she upped her bright star rating by a half star before deleting all of her ratings.
like i just made so many jokes!!! i thought it was all pretty clear!!!

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