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This review may contain spoilers.

Wonderful. I related to this film and the character of ladybird completely. I didn’t get on with my mum growing up, still sometimes don’t, and just watching their relationship was like watching me and my mum, especially the thrift shop scene. Most elements they argued on I had done in the past- university, appearance, being ungrateful. I also was so grateful that the trailers I’d seen didn’t give the entire story away, I loved not really knowing where the story would lead. The tones were lovely, and I especially loved how it was cut- the last scene ends just as Ladybird (or Christine) takes a breathe and cuts halfway into her inhale- just lovely. I loved how it didn’t delve deeper into Julie or anybody else’s past- I felt that really made the story revolve around ladybird but hinted at underlying plots. I was so pissed when I realised ladybird wouldn’t be coming to the cinema near me at university (from what I can tell anyway), so since I was in London today, I spent the £15 quid or whatever to go and see this film. Oh boy, it was worth it.

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