Her ★★★★★

Her feels intimate both in script and cinematography,  where science fiction meets romance exploring the nature of love. 

Spike Jonze challenges ideas of love, relationships and personal direction in humans alongside a world where technology has become more personal. Theodore’s and Samantha’s relationship looked deep into what makes us human, our emotions towards loved ones and our thoughts we keep only to ourselves that we never share or open up about. Her made me think about the intimacy of relationships, love, life and what that means to me. These concepts aren’t simple and this film doesn’t offer all the answers. However the performances come across as so authentic and real, even in a dystopian world that I can’t help but challenge myself in our world. 

Alongside its beautiful script is it’s graceful visual aesthetic. Theodore’s costume design with his boldly coloured cotton shirts, large open set design enforcing the disconnect between humans and its consolidation with technology. Camerawork is varied. It’s delicate in its intimate scenes with close ups of emotion and broad in open areas, a continuation of its theme isolation. Music is delightful, it was very personal to the script and it’s mood.

Her will be cemented in my mind for a while. It’s gorgeous visuals and refined script ideas have completely took me by surprise.

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