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  • Cemetery Without Crosses

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  • Too Old to Die Young

    Too Old to Die Young


    "I think I might have to kill her, man"

    Refn's commitment to his own muse, his own metronome, his own fetishes and indulgences across this sprawling, neon-mirror LA canvas is, if nothing else, incredibly inspiring. Submerging myself into Too Old to Die Young over the past few days has been such a trippy, challenging, exhilarating experience. On multiple occasions it had me ruminating on the basic rules and requirements of narrative and aesthetic storytelling. The stranger and more singular it…

  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    A masked ball-cum-circus/superhero freak show contained within a Halloween snow globe and wrapped in a black Christmas ribbon. One of the great examples of 90s studio/auteur hubris, which seemed to be a totally misjudged disaster upon release but now looks like one the of the ballsiest and brazenly artistic feats of IP vandalism.

    Some of my earliest memories of watching movies includes seeing Batman Returns on VHS when I was way too young and feeling both excited and uncomfortable with…

Recent reviews

  • Nightbeast



    A rip roaring, never ending onslaught of Z-grade entertainment and backyard filmmaking charm. Has more laser gun battles than an entire season of 60s Star Trek. Given the barely-there budget, the performances and aesthetics are exactly what you expect but seeing something so nutty and ambitious manifested from such limited resources naturally has its own pleasures. A barrage of cheap opticals, all those dudes endlessly firing blanks into the cold grainy night, the gun smoke swirling like mist in the…

  • Blood Games

    Blood Games


    A blistering femme-Peckinpah take on the backwoods rape/revenge genre by one-and-done filmmaker Tanya Rosenberg, Blood Games is as tough and relentless as any other film of its kind but accomplished and alive in ways many are not.

    From the opening minutes which pit a scantily clad all-female softball team - toned, tan, gorgeous centrefolds brought to life - against a leering mass of gruff men, you can feel that there's more going on here. This is a film of sensations,…

Popular reviews

  • Law of Desire

    Law of Desire


    The weird thing about Almodovar's movies, also one of the great things about them, is the way they seem to immediately blur together in my memory. It's difficult to distinguish one Almodovar film from the other until the hard details of the plot re-emerge from the fog. I like this though. It's as if he's constantly making new episodes of a grand Spanish soap opera where colour is king and genre blends with melodrama.

    I always enjoy watching Almodovar's dark…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    For his third feature film, his first in ten years, Jonathan Glazer has delivered a purely cinematic work of such surprising power and audacity that I had to take a long walk afterwards in order to let it all sink in and settle. I have so many thoughts about this film, so many observations, questions and ideas it’s difficult to find a place to start. So I’ll start in summation: Under the Skin is an incredible movie. Like a waking…