Parasite ★★★★½

Different from what I expected for sure, but that’s not a bad thing. Past the forty five minute mark, I truly had no idea what was going to happen next at any part of the film. 

What I love most about Parasite is the grayness of the characters. There is no one that I didn’t sympathize with, no true “villain” in the film. Just very different people with very different motivations and goals.

Parasite has some very important themes, and they are portrayed in all the best ways. I really didn’t feel the pressing message creeping up on me until the last thirty minutes, and god does it hit home. 

The technical side of this film is terrific as well. The acting, camerawork, cinematography, set design, script... those are all genuinely perfect. 

I’m giving this a 4.5 for now, but upon a rewatch I may very well change my opinion to a 5. Even as I’m thinking about it now, I’m awestruck by the wonder that is Parasite. Will be seeing this again in the very near future!

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