Midsommar ★★★

Midsommar is the newest film from A24 and Hereditary Director Ari Aster is Back with his newest cult film. The film stars Florence Pugh, Jack Reynour and Will Poulter. I am one of the people who loved the polarizing Hereditary I think it’s one of the best horror films this decade. So you can tell I was pretty excited to see Ari Aster’s newest film Midsommar when I heard the concept it sounded weird but strangely different. It was. I didn’t hate this film but I walked out a little disappointed with it because it wasn’t a great impactful film like Hereditary was. 

- The cinematography is pitch perfect. All the beautiful bright colors of white are layered with photo framing. This is the best shot film I’ve seen so far this year.
- The performances are great. Florence Pugh leads the way here, a lot of crying but her body language speaks for itself.
- The score is unsettling at certain points. I still like Hereditary’s score more than this but both provide constant unnerving.

- The pacing suffers drastically. With a 2 hr 27 min runtime the film overstayed it’s welcome. They should’ve cut at least 40 mins of this movie and make it 1 hr 45 mins
- The characters aren’t as well developed as I wanted. They all have motivations and reasons to be there but I felt like each of them didn’t have an emotional impact for me to care about them, I’m a character guy.
- Some gruesome scenes felt too dark and bland too me. Cult movies involving languages aren’t my cup of tea and I felt the direction this movie was going made me know how I was going to feel at the end.

In the end I just think Hereditary is a better movie overall, now don’t get me wrong guys if you loved this movie that’s fantastic it’s all opinions/subjective feelings all around. This film just isn’t my go-to. 

YouTube Review: youtu.be/twq5r2MusNc