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  • No Longer Human

    No Longer Human

    Here is my third short film youtu.be/H5Sdkg43uQs

    After having a really shitty year, I got inspired to put my anger and general angst into something new for me as I attempt to experiment with a narrative through editing and sampling from films I can see myself in.

    This is very heavily inspired by internet culture, cinema and my own unfortunate experiences that 2020 has given me so far. I wear my influences on my sleeves here and literally show the…

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  • Mod Fuck Explosion

    Mod Fuck Explosion


    An exhilarating ode to punk that argues against everything cinema has put forward from decades past. Monumental in its pure emotion and barrage of rage and distaste for modern society, spitting on the face of those that conform.

  • Hindered



    I urge anyone with an interest in experimental filmmaking to check this out, its surprisingly unseen and I believe it deserves more attention in general.

    The film and its camera consistently shows us the characters of the film in close-ups, creating a claustrophobic and hauntingly intimate look into their being. The fragmented images document this relationship in a very personal way, seeming like a home movie of sorts, capturing all the minute details of the human body and face. The…

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  • Ikur


    This is my first short film. youtu.be/JlFSK4rC7u8

    I made this last year for school as a finals project which took too long to make. I never put it up on Letterboxd because I didnt think it was worthy and because I dont think it is the best I could do. But I dont think most directors first films are hits. It would never be all that good but you know what? Im still proud of it.

    I worked my ass…

  • Mr. Pregnant

    Mr. Pregnant


    Fuck this hit a lot harder this time round. I was blown back by everything the first time round but on the rewatch, I was really touched by the genuine emotions that the film is able to create.

    Like most other MDE related stuff, the comedy is brilliant but whats behind it is far too good for this world. The bizarre humour mixed in with the disillusionment felt by Charls as he comes to terms with the neo-21st century prostitution…