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  • New Blood

    New Blood


    One of the more important horror-films about the post-00 generation with a lot of thoughts this kind of generation are dealing with, like how the whole world is shoruded in despair and how love is painful and possessive and sometimes even a father's love and god's love for nothing can save. It also ponders how it is sometimes wrong to save people. The atmosphere created here is absolutely wonderful in a horrorfied sense, but what makes it even more horrified,…

  • Hereditary



    Besides the fact that this only steals from so many horror-hits from the past and the recent past, it's truly a masterfully crafted and staged horror sensation, that does a lot of things right. The plot about how a crisis leads an entire family piece by piece to the abyss and into destruction is ambitious, psychologically clever and well written, the acting is more than solid, the sound design is intense and the cinematography stellar. But one thing, and that…

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  • See You Tomorrow

    See You Tomorrow


    While I was watching this film, I immediately thought:

    Isn't it familiar, yet somehow not? Like happiness with a thread of sorrow..."

    It had me from the moment a lovelorn Tony Leung, who hides his sad heart in front of a joking facade, starts to help other lovesick people, while in the background his signature melody from My Heart is that Eternal Rose is played. I knew this is going to crush my poor soul. And boy how it did.…

  • G Affairs

    G Affairs


    "I have no friends at all. If you aren't a loser, you can be like me, you don't need any friends. Only losers need friends. Only losers look for friends to talk crap, gossip and fool around."

    This movie shows a lot what I so like about asian cinema, because sometimes it connects highly entertaining and commercial filmmaking with enough arthouse sensibilities, to inspire all kind of moviegoers.
    Once again i've seen visually spectacular beautiful movies all year and then…