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Didn’t actually rewatch this. This is a review of the 2020 Oscars. They had the Oscars as an actual film you could review and I wrote a lengthy review I was really proud of for it, I guess Letterboxd bots took it down. So here I am trying to re write it...I will do my best. 

Wow we are done.

I have a lot of feelings about the Oscars, so let’s just get right into it. The opening song was fine, Leo singing was really funny. Steve Martin and Chris Rock did a good job with a speech that was clearly thrown together at last minute. This is the first time that James Corden and Rebel Wilson were genuinely hilarious, definitely the best introduction of the night. On the flip side Maya Rudolph and Kirsten Wigg sucked. That was the worst part of the whole show, super cringey, I’m just glad Tiffany Haddish wasn’t there. Eminem was awesome. Billi Eilish was bad, that cover of Yesterday really took me out of the memoriam, and it was not a good song for her voice, Sorry! Into the Unknown was really awkward, despite Idinal Menzel who was good. Cynthia Erivo, Randy Newman, and Elton John did a great job as expected. I’ve never heard of Breakthrough but that song was super forgettable. I liked how they showcased scenes from the movie to show off, screenplay, editing, sound, etc. THAT was a great touch, please keep it up!

In term of awards the only real upset was Toy Story 4. I genuinely thought Klaus or I lost My Body would sneak in and take it. I like Toy Story 4 less and less the more I think about it, definitely one of Pixars worst. Speaking of Pixar I thought that KitBull was a shoe in for best animated short, kind of disappointed there but Hair Love is nice too. Glad The Neighbors Window won. Walk, Run, Cha Cha would have been cool to win, however I’ve hear Learning to Skateboard is awesome. I was shocked to see Jojo Rabbit take home adapted screenplay. Although I preferred Little Women, I’m really glad it got something and I am super happy for Taika Waititi. At this point I am comfortable with the worst part of Marriage Story being the only part of it to be awarded, I definitely wish Pugh or Scar Jo won. Oh well I guess I can pretend Laura Dern won for Little Women instead, because that is a WAY better supporting performance. Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speech moved me to tears. Not even joking. It is probably the best acceptance speech I have ever heard. Not to be overshadowed however is Bong - Joon - Ho’s speech for best director. He seems like a genuinely great guy who is actually eternally grateful for his win. Speaking of Bong - Joon - Ho, PARASITE WON BEST PICTURE!!!!!!! Aside from the AMAZING historical achievement, it genuinely deserves it. I am so happy for them. Sad The Irishman didn’t get a single award and wish Marriage Story got more love, but eh. What can you do? Overall I am happy with the winners

Well I’m mad I had to do that but at least I got to add a little more detail I guess.

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