Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★


The fights are the highlight (surprise surprise), and in my opinion a definite improvement over the previous MonsterVerse film, which featured fights in this weird Rise-of-Skywalker-esque blue cloudy haze everywhere. The style is here, and the cinematography is varied enough that gives us different elements of the fights instead of just a "THIS IS REALLY BIG, ISN'T IT?!" type of vibe.

The narrative, though, sucks. Like, bad. The fights feel like they're overcompensating for trashy characters and dialogue. I don't know why we still don't have a Godzilla movie with meaningful character acting and writing. It's unnecessarily complex - all this jargon spoken by cardboard characters as they attempt to humanize this dumb sci-fi MonsterVerse.

What can ya do. I'm here for the fights, and we got a neon fight in Tokyo. I'll take it.

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