I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

Second viewing. Liked it better than my first viewing. Still enjoying every bit of this.

There is an abrasive, mean-spirited quality to the storytelling that reflects the unsentimental attitude of Tonya herself. Although director Craig Gillespie does not shy away from the violence that fills Tonya's life from birth, he never allows himself to get bogged down in it.

What keeps the farce from tripping over itself is the sincerity of Margot Robbie's performance. As the film turns Tonya more and more slapstick, Robbie works to keep her human - and the tension between these opposing motivations is, I think, key to the film's success.

Still convicted by what the film has to say to us in 2020. Wonderful stuff. Gets better with age.

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