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  • The Bushwhacker

    The Bushwhacker


    A deranged Vietnam vet wanders the mountains of what appears to be the American southwest. He shoots down a plane.

    The plane is populated with a handsome pilot and three Playboy bunny candidates. They all miraculously survive the crash, and set about walking 35 miles on foot to civilization. They are hungry, they have only the clothes on their back, and they are all very, very horny. Like, competitively horny.

    Meanwhile, the deranged Vietnam vet is stalking them.

    The dialogue alone in this DIY gem is priceless. The layers of wonderment beyond that I leave to the viewer to discover.

    American Arcana blu-ray.

  • The Stepmother

    The Stepmother


    My second viewing of this Avedis classic, as part of a large retrospective of his films, reveals an obsession with young boys who are unwillingly involved with older women, and . . . rifles.

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  • Jaws



    Anytime, anywhere. For my money, Spielberg made 5 perfect films, and this one is at the top. Not a wasted shot, pitch perfect casting, pitch perfect dialogue. No sentimental hokum, and a Mamet ending.

    I find when talking to others that the legacy of this film (in terms of "inventing the summer blockbuster," "shark movie," etc.) tends to overshadow what a finely crafted thriller it, so much so that it I think it might be called one of the few "creature" films of the 1970s with an auteur stamp.

  • Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

    Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker



    As much as in her legendary performance in FAT CITY, Susan Tyrell takes this completely insane horror hayride to the next level. It would have been a fine movie without her, more than likely, but she gives it life.

    I have asked three cinephile friends for their theories on the the family history here, and have gotten three different answers.

    Code Red blu-ray.