Cutting Class ★★★★

My second viewing in the past year of this weird little slasher picture, and the second time around was well worth it.

On first viewing, this is a clunky (if reasonably well made) late slasher film with a few memorable moments.

On second viewing it reveals itself as a sort intentionally inert *revisionist* slahser film, wherein virtually every character except Jill Schoelen speaks in a kind of Beat language. The most glowing example of the Beat characters is the PTSD janitor, but the second viewing reveals Brad Pitt, Donovan Leitch, and most everyone else as characters who seem to be invaded by the spirit of Jack Cassady.

Jill Schoelen, whose dialogue is entirely standard slasher Final Girl stuff, laces it all together and keeps it looking and feeling like just another high school slasher picture.

The icing on the cake is Martin Mull, Jill Schoelen's father in the film, whose character acts as some kind of one-man Greek chorus against the rest of the plot. Though he only appears about 4 times altogether (and always briefly), he does get the first and the last word.

I'm probably going to have to watch this again, just to prove to myself that there are not further layers.

Mahoning Drive-In, Lehighton, PA, as part of Camp Blood V.