Earthquake ★★★½

This movie is a heaping helping of so-bad-it's-goodness.

Shout edition includes both the original theatrical version and the extended TV version from a few years later (1977), which includes entirely new plot and "documentary" sequences grafted on to the original. Unmissable 1970s weird Americana. Enormous detail available on Wikipedia.

Charlton Heston sort of phoning it in, but oddly also sort of committed.

George Kennedy sort of never better.

Genevieve Bujold hot (not sort of).

Walter Matthau's indisputable low point as an actor.

Ava Gardner with too much plastic surgery (not sort of), but makes up for it with a super-boozy performance that I'm sure she did not remember by the time the film was released.

Victoria Principal parading bra-lessly about.

Rapey/insane grocery store clerk/National Guard volunteer steals the entire movie.

Character actor buffet.

Shout Select blu-ray.