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  • Stranger Than Paradise
  • What's Up, Doc?
  • Young Frankenstein

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  • Postcard From Earth

    Postcard From Earth


    – Drove 4.5 hours from Phoenix through gorgeous desert scenery and mostly just kinda ignored it.
    – Went to The Sphere, watched this, and left awestruck at the immense beauty of the world we were all gifted as a species.
    – Drove 4.5 hours back home to Phoenix through gorgeous desert scenery and thought "well now I'm really not interested in this, what do we even need it for when we have The Sphere now?"

  • The Eternal Memory

    The Eternal Memory


    Amour and Vortex were tough enough watches as it is – as sweet as Augusto and Paulina's relationship is, I'm not sure how much I needed a real-life rendition of that particular type of story. Between the fairly nebulous structure and the fact that it kept triggering existential crises for me, it was kind of hard to get fully invested at certain points.

    Also I just went to post this, noticed the log date of February 14th and realized that I just watched this alone on Valentine's Day and that's really not helping with the aforementioned existential crises.

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  • Close



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Actually had me on board for the most part in the first half. The specific intimacy of the relationship between these two boys is built up carefully, through indelible moment after indelible moment without feeling particularly manipulative. And their slow drifting apart felt earnest in the way it's built on childhood's inherent struggle to understand the world and one's place within it. Sure, it kind of bugged me that one of the boys was clearly being fleshed out more, while…

  • Spencer



    Telluride Film Festival 48: Film #12

    I don't care about the royal family, and I wasn't a fan of Pablo Larraín's previous loosely biographical psychological drama, Jackie. So when I saw a film in which Larraín was going to give Princess Diana the Jackie treatment on the Telluride lineup, I thought "well that's one movie I don't have to worry about squeezing in this weekend".

    But it ended up playing during one of my volunteer shifts, and boy am I…