Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

Warm, breezy romance that's distinctly light on plot, heavy on sexual tension and quietly profound in what it says about the themes of its choosing, in this case, the nature of teenage love in regards to personal discovery and the pervasive sentiment of self-deprecation that's lamentably (commonly) tied to any behavior deemed transgressive by both oneself & the social order, here, of course, specifically about homo/bi-sexuality. Now, either as a byproduct of the aforementioned traits or not, the fact is that something right in the beginning about how both leads were nonchalantly dismissive of other people's feelings threw me off in a way that ultimately prevented a desired sympathy for these characters, which sadly made me had virtually no investment whatsoever in their relationship which then cause the movie to feel ten hours long. Don't mind me, though, this is quite exquisite, lovely and understated in a manner that few pictures, let alone Oscar hopefuls dealing with these subject matters, are.

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