Carol ★★★★★

Immaculate to a degree of inebriation that the only reasonable response triggered in every sane individual is entering a perpetual state of a kind of psychological gasp in which your brain can't process what's happening in front of you. Basically, experiencing a staggering astonishing hypnosis through a motion picture. So yeah, it's sort of alright.

Blanchett leads the way incorporating Messiah with a fancier wardrobe and a crown made of truly miraculous blonde hair. Mara doesn't stay behind, somehow managing to draw attention to her character when would completely understandable to simply orbitate around Carol's ethereal presence.

The tenderness in which Haynes captures both leads, the environment and visually deepens a relatively straightforward plot is genially enthralling. His inspiration in famous photographers' work is instantly noticeable in the gorgeously conceived shot compositions. Even more impressive than that, is Lachmans' time-stoppingly breathtaking cinematography, that blows almost everything made in the history of mankind out of the water.

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