Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Pretty sure it has a lot to do with lowered expectations and an even bigger craving for distraction from life in general, but I kind of dug this one. The ratio between the hugely charming teen stuff and the derivative superhero elements, as well as the number of scenes decently shot on credible locations vs those with horrendous green-screen, trite TV-like coverage and ugly CG, is way more palatable. Still not remotely sold on this Spider-Man itself, even with Holland appropriately toning down his trying-too-hard happy-go-lucky schtick here, as making the character essentially Iron Man Jr. feels like an unforgivable betrayal to his working class background, yet for some reason people seemed to react more negatively to the fact that Maguire's Parker was a dweeb. Needed the villain to either be treated seriously as someone weaponizing the current post-truth reality or, preferably, pivoting entirely to schlock and setting notoriously Deranged Man Gyllenhaal loose because I would've liked to see him scream "I AM FAKE NEWS!" directly to camera.

Can't wait for the next movie to be 120 minutes of Zendaya's MJ thoughtfully breaking down to Peter why the Military-Industrial Complex is bad and how Tony Stark was always a villain.

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