The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Night of the Wickie.

A precisely brought-to-life hysterical nightmare that takes on island fever, fisherman obsession and a whole lot of sexual frustration, stirs them in a pot with disturbingly bleak subjective, psychological horror and perhaps most fascinatingly peppers everything with effective comedy. It's a great deal of movie, so to speak, there's nothing casual about it, and that includes Dafoe & Pattinson's utterly off-the-rails, unevenly self-consciously mannered and thoroughly bewitching performances. That the direction and cinematography would be superlative was sort of a given, but the degree in which they feel purposeful is a welcome surprise.

P.S.: I know I've spent too much time on Letterboxd when all I could think about during a pivotal scene here was "won't somebody please think of the Vegan Alert Lady?"

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