Us ★★★★½

Anything said about its wonderfully deliberate subtext has to be prefaced by a reaffirming that, both at its foundation and execution, this is a supremely entertaining, supernatural house-invasion horror thriller, and regardless of how well the somewhat intricate parable underneath it goes over with audiences, there's an over-one-hour stretch here that's about as electrifying as any seminal crowd-pleaser you could ever think of. That said, the formal construction of the idea that the 'others' we fear are nothing but bastard distortions of ourselves birthed by the own social arrangements we relish is just stupendous. Peele's leap forward in terms of visual language, as well as his proven ability to get the best out of out-of-the-world performances by his lead actors, is a marvel to behold, even when his script moderately stumbles at the explain-too-much/not-explain-enough conundrum of high-concept films. Perhaps is best to withheld further comments on Lupita's transfixing work until a rewatch, but the score, the cinematography and the Two-Separate-Natalie-Portman-Projects-type ending are also sensational.

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