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  • Report from the Front

    Report from the Front

    2019 with Bogart #21

    Nothing to rate here. It’s a wartime ad to donate to the Red Cross. It’s Bogart being stopped getting off a plane from overseas with his second wife, Mayo Methot. He then explains over footage what your donations will be used for. It’s an interesting thing to see about that time, right as the US was jumping into WW II.

    It’s on YouTube if anyone is interested.

  • Brother Orchid

    Brother Orchid



    2019 with Bogart #20

    This is an interesting film along the lines of the film Sister Act.

    Edward G. Robinson is a gangster that gives up this biz at a shot at a life of class in Europe. When he loses all his money he tries to return but his former partner, Humphrey Bogart, has taken over. To hide from Bogart, he joins a monastery of brothers that grow flowers to cell in the city markets. Then he eventually…

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  • Chernobyl




    This is one of the best miniseries I think I've ever seen. The Chernobyl disaster has always fascinated me. More in the idea of this abandoned area of the world than in the actual disaster, but I've always wanted to know more.

    The series is pretty riveting and rather horrific because it actually happened and can happen again. That is where the real fear comes from; the fact it is grounded in reality.

    A lot of people comment on…

  • Sicario




    This film is just awesome!

    Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro are all magnificent.  Especially Blunt who can do just about anything.

    My favorite things about this film are the grittiness of the cinematography and the music. The music is just this constant unnerving pulsating noice that just keeps you on edge. It’s terrific and is really a must watch.