Midsommar ★★★★★

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I absolutely loved this film. It is certainly not going to be for everyone and will be very divisive, but that’s what some movies are all about.

When I think of this film I can only thing of certain words to describe it. It’s mesmerizing and disorienting. There are moments where things in the background or foreground are moving when the focus is not. Very trippy.

It’s funny and tense. I like the word tense more than scary and it’s certainly not horrifying. It’s both beautiful and disturbing. Something that I’m sure is hard to pull off. 

The acting I thought was good.  I love Florence Pugh here, she is terrific. After that I’d say the Swedish acting was amazing. Will Poultee is mostly used for comic relief that was good.

I really loved this film and the theater experience. I’m curious to see how it plays on a tv because that can sometimes lesson a film’s impact on me when it’s this visually and audibly stimulating. 

Again this film is certainly divisive and you can see that in reviews in this site. Films are of course very subjective, but I found this to be incredible. I recommend seeing it just for the chance that you’ll love it too.

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