Us ★★★★

Since it’s flooding everyone’s review activity right now, I’ll make mine short and sweet. 

I found the film to be really good. I didn’t try to overthink the symbolism because that’s not what I go to the movies for. 

The film has a pretty great build up. I enjoyed that a lot. There are plenty of great scenes throughout the film, including one I loved near the end. It’s definitely more creepy then scary, but I think some people will find it scary. Just depends on how you react to things.

Lupita Nyong’o it absolutely amazing. The children were great too. Wanted more from Winston Duke but he was more along for the ride. Didn’t really enjoy the friend family’s scenes. Tim Heidecker was just annoying for me, as were the twins. 

I think this is a film that was bound to be divisive and some decided which side before seeing it. I suggest seeing it and forming your own opinions. That’s the type of movie this is. It’ll be different for each of us. But I think most will enjoy it, if not really like it. No masterpiece talk here. Just a really good movie.

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