Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

Delirious, unconventional and glorifying a worldview that's utter garbage, Everything Everywhere All at Once is the logical next step creation of a culture that continues its unabated slide towards ignorance.

But don't take my word for it; here are directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert being super explicit about the whole thing:

So with this movie, we were like let’s see how many people we can bring into the fold. Without compromising anything, how many people can we bring into our strange, philosophical point of view? Which is basically that nothing matters, and that’s a beautiful thing?

And that's the picture's most noticeable flaw; every delight that's found here, every take of originality and cinematic bravado, plays second fiddle to its nauseating proselytizing. The Daniels understand that people don't go to church anymore, but they sure do love going to the movies. So why not preach when the lights go out?

How are our myths going to be able to keep up with that, how do we create unifying myths in a post-community world? Everyone and everything is being pulled away from each other. Everything is falling apart. Nothing is holding together. And if we’re going to talk about intent, this movie was in some ways our attempt to answer that question.

The movie functions primarily as a guru, showering audiences with "the right way to live", and "what life is really about". Except all of these "revelations" are not new at all. The film posits that since nothing matters, the best way to make sense of life is to love ourselves, our family and neighbors. Love is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the cosmos and makes us feel alive. Indeed it is, but why do I get the impression that nobody has even heard of John 3:16?

we have built walls in with all of the organization, all the labeling, and all the boxes that we’re putting everything in. And it’s actually going to be to our benefit to break free from that. Right now, because everything is gridlocked, because everyone is so firmly stuck in their ways and their close-mindedness or whatever, we can’t actually just see each other and experience each other.

Are you now starting to realize why this is already the highest rated movie on Letterboxd, and one of the highest ever on IMDB? This is the Matrix for the Millennial and TikTok generation, their new Gospel. It promises a new way of living, a better one, but one that ultimately ends in disappointment and death. Because the Daniels are wrong, and there are things in this universe that matter.

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