The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★½

-On June 22nd of 2021, Rachel Zegler tweeted in all caps "I HAVE MANIFESTED MY ENTIRE LIFE I THINK I THINK". There's 20k likes on that post.

-Zegler will star as Ariel in Disney's upcoming Snow White live action adaption.

-The dumpster of post-secular and political propaganda known as Vox ran a piece on manifesting in the fall of 2020. The piece includes a link to viral TikToks on manifestation that have amassed countless million views.

-The Walt Disney Corporation continues its crusade of remaking society in it's own image, seemingly one of wokeness and moral enlightenment, but at its core being one of eternal adoration of mammon.

-Disney cannot allow a movie in which manifestation is revealed for what it is: communicating with demons, to thrive. The more we talk to spirits, the quicker society will crumble, and the more power Disney will have. Hence The Empty Man was almost buried.

Disclaimer: The above comments are a joke, and with the exception of my Vox comments, I do not stand by anything else I said.
I do find it super interesting how this movie predicted the craze of manifesting, how it acknowledges that evil is a breathing, living, invisible force that has tangible effects in our world, and how little attention this has received.
Long stretches of this are unnerving and spine tingling, and a sequence set in a swamp in the middle of the night ranks among the most terrifying I've seen in horror in years.

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