Rumble Fish ★★★★★

5 STARS grade a primo kush for the movie hard head, tarkovsky meets john hughes, this is all you need baby......

came for the weird tone and star power, stayed and wept for the moving elegy to the golden age of cinema, the age where movies seemed to conjure an effortless magic - from german expressionism to the radical aural experiments of 70s cinema. Compare this to the movies of coppolas romantic heir, inarritu, where the magic feels so ponderous, weighty, belabored, like something lab constructed.

to be sure, something was changing in america at this time (early 80s) The cities, they were changing, civilization it was changing. i would point to this period as the one where corporations really started to figure out how to control production of art and human/audience perception to maximize profit margin, but that's only one part of it obviously... but i do think it's a subject in this movie, which seems to hinge on the question, what should we do when our leaders, our fathers, all the grownups, have gone insane?

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