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  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    I found myself in tears tonight
    I found myself in tears
    For here is captured tragedy that echoes through the years
    Man's untethered cruelty and viciousness hath brought
    A film - a song, nay testament! I knew not I had sought

    Solomon Northup, free from woes, is tricked into a plot
    Scheming cowards chain him up, leaving him to rot
    Enslaved and cut from family ties this horrid tale begins
    But in the darkest deepest pits, his freedom song still…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Fire Is The Warmest Colour

    In late 18th century France, Marianne is a young painter sent to an island commissioned to paint a portrait of a Lady aristocrat, Héloïse. She is unaware of it however, and Marianne has to observe her carefully.

    It warms my artist heart to see any film about drawing or painting, and this is no exception. I was initially hesitant as to how quiet and unassuming the film was, but let it be known now that…

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  • Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop


    I'm finally clearing some "bucket list shows" off, starting with this classic anime.

    It's a single 26-episode season (and one movie), so it doesn't take long to get through it.

    I did really enjoy it and I see why it is beloved. Great characters, violent badass action sequences, amazing use of music and atmosphere, a lot of humor, and many different surprises along the way as our ship of "cowboys" (bounty hunters) go around looking for bounties.

    There are a…

  • Naqoyqatsi


    The final installment of the experimental film trilogy.

    I found this the weakest one. The score is not as memorable, nor the imagery. It was released years after the first two, in the early 2000's, so the images are mostly digital, or TV or news footage, at one point they even had some Perfect Dark multiplayer matches, haha. It's just not as unique and human as the stuff in the first two "docs".

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  • The Terminator

    The Terminator


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    50 fucking stars. A hundred. The Terminator is, was, and always has been one of the greatest science-fiction action thrillers ever made.

    Let me kick it off with a story or two. The first time I ever saw this movie, I would've been about 6 or 7 years old. I was staying with my dad (a shady character) and older brother in a hotel room downtown. We were all eagerly looking forward to the movie, even though my parents had…

  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire


    "But, hey, you know, that's what this is all about, right? I mean, discovery, teamwork, adventure. Unless, maybe, you're just in it for the money."
    "I'm gonna say... money."
    "Well, I guess I set myself up for that one."

    "I got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whisky and lard."

    I would've never expected that after enduring what is possibly Disney's very worst film (The Emperor's New Groove), I'd come across one of their very…