Chaos Walking ★★

Todd Hewitt is a young man raised on a planet with only men (the women were killed years ago by an alien race). Every single thought the men have is visible and audible to everyone as a kind of smoke around them known as "noise". One day a young woman called Olivia lands, upsetting the balance of things.

Spider-Man and Rey sitting in a tree..

Yeah, this one was unfortunately bland as can be. It feels really "young adulty" but not in the best way. It has a very interesting premise, executed in a rather predictable and mundane way. It has talented actors, squandered on a rather flat script with no surprises and no great sense of tension or intelligence. (Also, if a woman landed on a planet of all men, and she was the first one there in many years..I doubt their thought bubbles would be very PG, haha).

The visual motif of thoughts "leaking" right out of a person as colored smoke is pretty neat and it does lead to some..decent-ish (?) moments, but on the whole I think this is the kind of film you will forget about as soon as the credits roll.