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It's Part 3. In 3D! This film has an unmistakable charm to it; while it's one of the most gimmicky and poorly acted films in the entire series, it still warms my heart with sweet memories. Like McDonald's, Part 3 is easy to digest when you're feeling bored and lonely, and throw in the 3D factor and you've got yourself a Big Mac (or food that you like, just using that as a metaphor here!). There's an incredible vibrancy to some of the colors, that wide cinemascope aspect ratio, and Jason gets his infamous hockey mask from a prankster in this one. And the main theme is a freaking disco version! Disco was long since dead, but they just went there anyway. They should be commended for tying the films together though, Part 3 makes up the middle part in one of several trilogies within the series, if that makes any sense whatsoever. But oh yes, the acting is so very bad. Even Richard Brooker, a mild mannered British trapeze artist, grunts and stumbles his way through the movie as Jason, but when the rose tinted 3D glasses are on, we can forgive him. I just loved that final confrontation, ending with Jason both hung and stabbed in the head with an axe! Unbeatable.

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