The Last Dance ★★★★½

A fantastic documentary series in ten parts about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, perhaps the greatest basketball team in history, certainly one of the best in American history. The main "thread" of the documentary is behind the scenes footage of the team going into what was believed to be their final season in 1998, while fighting for a sixth and final championship trophy with Michael Jordan, but also looking back in time at the players, coaches and how they came to join the team and build their success, so there's a kind of "weave" of two plotlines in time finally joining together at the very end.

I think the less you know about basketball, the more you're likely to be hooked by this one. In a fairly unique way it intercuts between modern interviews (digital), 90's documentary footage (restored film footage) and TV footage (video) so you have all three formats represented.

They really touch on both the ups and the downs, the personalities, the media attention, Jordan's temperament, Dennis Rodman's..shall we say unique personality, haha, but also just how dedicated and insanely talented they were as players. Again, the less you know about their feats, the more you should watch this. The stuff they pulled off as basketball players, sometimes under insane circumstances, are just..marvellous.

I think the only downside to this one is that there is a lot of jumping back and forth in time, and a lot of names thrown around. It's still pretty clearly presented (quite literally displaying a graphic "flashing back" to said year), but I'd be lying if I said I was always completely certain of where we were in time. Still it scarsely matters, what it conveys is the energy and fury and joy and sadness and sportsmanship of the Bulls, in all their crazy moments as well as the good ones. I cannot recommend it enough, and I will yet again emphasize that if you don't know a thing about basketball or Michael Jordan, it's even better for you going in.