The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★½

This Swedish silent film was released on SVT Play in a beautiful restoration recently, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to finally watch it.

The drunkard David Holm passes away on New Year's Eve and is taken by The Phantom Carriage, death's own passenger of souls, but witnesses his impact on those he has left behind.

I respect this greatly, it is a tremendously well made film for its era (first released almost precisely one hundred years ago which is hard to fathom), and the restoration with the new score (apparently recorded in the 90's) was great as well.

I can't help but have lost some interest though, especially around the middle. A 104 minute silent film is just hard to take in from start to finish, but I saw the beginning and the conclusion clearly enough to piece together what it was all about. Reconciliation, a final chance at life again. It's not unlike A Christmas Carol and one shot is very reminiscent of The Shining.

So yeah, I admire it greatly but perhaps this wasn't the best timing for a 100+ minute silent film. I'm still glad to have seen it even if I wasn't giving it my utmost attention from beginning to end though.

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