Wolf Creek 2 ★★½

That's 2600 of them in the can.

Wolf Creek 2 is more of the same - we again follow psychopath Mick Taylor in the Australian outback, as he hunts tourists instead of wild game.

This was a tough one to get into, the first half just seemed to drag on endlessly, like a huge scorching desert. I am starting to realize just now how plotless horror films can be - imagine if a romantic comedy was about a person walking around for 100 minutes kissing and hugging people? The reason why I didn't love this is the same reason why I didn't love the first one - it's extremely hard to take your killer seriously when he's literally Crocodile Dundee, a broad Australian stereotype who cracks dumb jokes and yells "pommy cuuuuuuuuuuunt" all over the place. Not exactly frightening or interesting as a murderer. You could easily make over a hundred intense horror films about Australia, and they wouldn't even need a killer, let alone a crappy one like this. It's a place where 300 degrees in the shade is considered cold, and even the rocks are poisonous and want to kill you. There are also long vast stretches of absolutely nothing except, well, heat and poisonous rocks.

Some qualities were easy to like though, it utilizes said Australian outback well in the photography, and the actors really deliver their best, you can practically feel them piss themselves in fear and confusion - there's a long and horrible scene towards the end that I won't spoil which was demented and very well portrayed by two actors in a small room. You also have quite a lot of satisfying gore - all of it practical, no CGI blood here, and people get messed up in every sense of the word. I just wish the film was better paced and actually had characters - both a compelling protagonist and a better antagonist would've helped things immensely. Now it feels like an odd and rather meaningless combination of slasher film, torture porn and Australian comedy all rolled into one.