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  • Paper Moon


  • About Endlessness


  • The Lost Daughter


  • Assault on Precinct 13


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  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    A true one-of-a-kind gem where everything clicks.

    This film was nothing short of perfect.

  • About Endlessness

    About Endlessness


    What a site to behold. This thing is a treasure for the eyes. Muted colors drape over scenes in dreamlike manner. Small vignettes framed like a painting playing tricks on your mind. This film will live in memory for awhile - not for the stories it tells but for the dreams it conjures.

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  • Sorcerer



    This movie felt older to me than a 1977 production. Especially in the long, mundane and somewhat unnecessary prologue. The style seemed more akin to a late 60's or early 70s kind of vibe.

    Once the viewer is broken free from all of the introductory character vignettes this movie does start to roll, tilt, bend and blow up. The on-location action scenes are intense and driving as hell and I cannot begin to think what a pain in the ass those must have been to shoot. But Friedkin pretty much nailed them and to me that was the movie's saving grace.

  • Dick Johnson Is Dead

    Dick Johnson Is Dead


    Near perfect.

    The doc serves as a sort of time capsule of an affable old man losing time in life but never forgetting how to live in the process.

    Tone is on point. And how exactly, I'm still bewildered. The filmmaker, Kirsten Johnson, defies convention and provides levity in keeping her father alive through the power of film and family connection. It withstands death, disease and general expectation. And does so beautifully.

    Sad subject, but not a sad watch. Happy tears abound.