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  • Who Shrunk Saturday Morning?

    Who Shrunk Saturday Morning?


    Who Shrunk Saturday Morning is a perfect example to why my generation is so fucked up. This is a clip show of cartoons that will be on NBC Saturday morning that features Saved by the Bell characters zapped into the TV set and they have to get back before Roz from Night Court gives them detention for being late. Of course, Mr Jefferson shows up and helps them return and they are saved by the bell. The cartoons shown are…

  • Superman



    "Wait, who are you?"
    "A friend."

    I have taken a much-needed break from Letterboxd and movies in general. I have watched movies and logged them but have rarely written reviews. While I am not saying I am back in my normal capacity I had to write a review for Superman: The Movie. I watched the 3 hour TV version. I have no idea what was added as I haven't watched Superman in about 10 years.

    Maybe 3 hours is a…

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  • The Lie

    The Lie


    The Ramones had a song with these lyrics: "We're a happy family
    Me, Mom and Dad" I highly doubt that anyone in that band could have imagined this movie and the clusterfuck ending. It wasn't really a twist because I expected it to happen, I think that is why I am not nailing to the wall as a bad movie. I am just disappointed that this is featured by Amazon as a huge Blumhouse promotion.

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    The Ritual is like watching Blair Witch without the needed assistance of Dramamine. Then if you take away any of the likable characters of Blair Witch and add characters that are all-around assholes, mixed with 100% more gore, throw in a sprinkle of folk horror and a dash of madness you get The Ritual. Admittedly, I am watching this in sort of a crap mood but the movie still shone through my rough exterior. There are definitely moments where my eyes rolled but those were far and few between. The last act of this movie has a climactic crash that I was not expecting.

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  • Athlete Swinging a Pick

    Athlete Swinging a Pick


    For 1881 this is pretty magnificent. In 2018 this is a pretty lame gif.

  • Andre the Giant

    Andre the Giant


    I will preface this with I have watched a crapload if wrestling over the past few days. Wrestlemania weekend has that effect on me. As I was finishing up Smackdown tonight I was reminded that This documentary would be premiering on HBO. I have been waiting for this since I saw the first trailer months ago. 

    I settled in for a piece of wrestling history, told by historians and people who were there. Then the myths began to come up.…