A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★★

If there was ever any movie that is the celluloid version of a warm blanket, A Nightmare on Elm Street would be a top contender. Today was a bit chilly outside and that reminded me it was time for my annual viewing of this movie.

Each time I watch it I seem to find something different. Maybe I am waxing a bit nostalgic and not just about the movie but about what is happening in the movie. For example, when Nancy falls asleep in class for some reason I began to remember high school and falling asleep in class. I do think that is one of many reasons why this movie holds up 35 years after its release. There is a certain amount of relatability to Nancy and her group of friends that I think everyone can relate to. I think everyone knew someone like Nancy in highschool. You know, the innocent, normally quiet girl who is kind of a wallflower. Nothing about her sticks out, which is perfect for this film. Her group of friends checks almost every box in the teenager stereotype roll call. Once again, this is perfect and another way for the movie to transcend time while scaring generations of people.

A Nightmare on Elm Street thrives on fear. The idea of sleeping and a scarred boogeyman slashing your body to shreds is pretty terrifying. That is shown multiple times and the gimmick never gets old. Considering that this movie is about sleep, it is impressive on how many shots we are shown the daytime. Whether it be on a bridge with palm trees in Ohio (I am in Ohio and I haven't seen these palm trees) or school. My point is that when you think of slashers you think of night or dark settings. You generally don't think of bright daytime shots with crisp colors that contrast that the evil that lurks behind a closed eyelid.

The special effects in NOES are pretty special. This movie set the gold standard for horror movies and it is being mimicked to this day. There is the infamous rubber wall scene to a geyser of blood. Not to mention the actual effects on Freddy Krueger. The makeup is iconic and his green squirting blood and his maggot filled body still give me the heebiejeebies. The death scenes are all memorable and probably another reason why this movie has stood the test of time.

TLDR: I really dig this timeless movie.

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