Midsommar ★★★★½

I walked into a bustling movie house at 10:15 PM. The concession lines are busier than normal for a late Tuesday night. Are these people going to see Midsommar? No. I forgot Spiderman was playing in 2 other theaters. Surely some of these people are here for Midsommar, right? No. Well, about 15-20 of us brave souls were walking into theater 6. I find my seat and look around there are 2 people who came by themselves, a common theme for this group, sitting in my row. One guy behind me. The previews start and about 2-4 couples or groups of 2 walk in, all opting for seats closer to the screen. I always sit in row G. Then the movie starts. We are treated to eery music as we watch snowfall with the opening credits. This very moment is sort of like when you are going up on a roller coaster for the first downhill. Midsommar did not disappoint. If this was a theme park ride I would have been yelling every profanity in the book. I can't do that. I don't want to disrupt my fellow compatriots in the shock on the screen. My head is now filled with a very loud "WHAT THE FUCK!" After this initial moment, the rest of the movie follows the same rollercoaster. There are moments you will laugh but there are more moments of suspense. Yes, the middle of the movie does sort of slow down. Think of this as a nice walk around the theme park, building your courage to get in the front seat of the largest rollercoaster at the theme park. Yes, things are out of place on the way. I felt the payoff at the end of the movie was well worth it. As the crowd was shuffling out of theater 6, no one was talking. Midsommar has done its job.

Moral of the story is to say "No!" whenever a Swedish Eddie Vedder look-a-like invites you to go to a festival.

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