Sharkenstein ★★★

"How would you feel if you woke up in a shark's body?"

This is the third and last movie of my Shark Attack 3-Pack DVD. This is also the best movie in the bunch. Sharkenstein is about a shark that has been created by the nazis and is pieced together like Frankenstein's monster.

Most of the dialog is ridiculous, including two guys saying they wouldn't date an attractive girl to her face. Thankfully, the shark looks amazing. This is the first movie of the day that opted to use a shark puppet as opposed to CGI. It might look cheesy, I have to respect the work put into it. The fin features surgical staples holding the top of the fin in place. As Shark Exorcist and Raiders of the Lost Shark have shown flying sharks, Sharkenstein jumps/flies as well! The other movies didn't show us a shark that mutated in a muscle-bound walking shark. If you know what Street Sharks are, imagine that but on 4 legs.

This movie would be perfect to watch with Ghost Shark or even Santa Jaws.

Sharkenstein is jawsome!

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