Turbulence ★★★½

Turbulence is a late 90s airplane disaster flick that features an insane performance from Ray Liotta and a nervously heroic turn from Lauren Holly.

The airplane is decorated for Christmas with lights and tinsel hanging anywhere it possibly could. This is one of the crazier set designs that I have seen in a while. It was the perfect backdrop for Liotta's crazed character's evolution as he takes over a plane with the plans of crashing it into LAX. He is the MVP of the movie by far.

This is a whacky disaster flick but for the most part, it works. It doesn't matter if it makes sense 100% of the time, it doesn't. It also doesn't matter that some of the characters' only purpose is to be cannon fodder. What does matter is that this is a fun thrill ride with no layovers in sight.

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