Upgrade ★★★★½

Daily Horror Hunt 19 – January 2020

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The 2010s had a certain aesthetic, a lot of it was inspired by the 80s, but it was its own thing. Upgrade is sort of the culmination of It Follows, Stranger Things and whatever else that came out that had the 80s vibe. While Upgrade isn't like the previously mentioned flick and show, it has the same overall vibes. The music is drenched in synth that beats against the neon lights in an otherwise dingy world.

The story is not exactly new after all this is a revenge flick at its heart. A gruesome, bloodied revenge flick. Every action scene is choreographed to perfection. The camera rotates with the action in what appears to be a sweeping move of grace.

As the story unfolds the noir elements slowly expose themselves but it is the gory action that keeps this moving. How can this movie get any better? A skull stabbing using a glass shard, that is how!

The ending pieces itself together like a jigsaw puzzle and is really a thing of beauty while showing the dangers of technology. I have no idea how I have put this movie off for so long but I happy that I did finally watch it.

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