Blue Ruin ★★★★½

Incredible, near perfect thriller about family, revenge, and the untold virtue of forgiveness.
Dwight is a homeless person who seems to do well off scraps from trash-until he finds out that the man who killed his parents is being released from prison. Against his own instincts of survival, Dwight seeks vengeance and gets more than he bargained for from a sadistic family that won't quit until someone wins or dies.
Rather grim in the depiction of loyalty to family above all else-but utterly compelling and well told every step of the way.
From scene to scene the film reveals layers-has great photography, smart performances, spine tingling twists, and violent outbursts to boot.
Certainly not for all tastes but was almost a masterpiece to this viewer.
What's especially interesting is that the question of forgiveness hangs over all of the characters and the plot-a recognition that they'd all be better off if they could let the past go and live for the present.
Few films come along which have such a mythological but also modern kick in a story of bloody revenge.
One of the best I've seen from 2014. Great example of independent filmmaking from newcomer Jeremy Saulnier.