The Holy Mountain ★★★★

Possibly the most surreal vision ever put on film-Jodorowsky's psychedelic journey will forever have a place in the history of cinema as one of the stranger things any audience will come across-but rather in a good way.
Despite a philosophy of dethroning oneself, of getting rid of desires for grand dreams-the director not only wrote, directed, and stars in this, but leads a very personal philosophy throughout-clearly to an intended religious catharsis. And there are many obvious religious obsessions in the film-Jodorowsky seemed to have been highly interested in the subject just as fellow surrealist Luis Bunuel was.
The story follows a thief who's modeled after Christ, sneaks into an alchemist's tower, has his excrement turned to gold, is introduced to and joins a cult, then goes on a journey with said cult to climb the Holy Mountain and achieve the greatest enlightenment-but that's just a nice summary version. The actual viewing is far more hallucinatory.
Definitely not for all tastes and will be a challenge even for the most open minded viewer-but there's still something rather remarkable about the entire thing.

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