Carol ★★★★★

Harold, they're lesbians!

But Harold, even though it's a period piece they're not doing a stereotypical "tragic lesbians" story! It's not some piece of fluff either, it is actually realistically and seriously addressing homophobia in its time period without the need to resort to the same tired cliches, though it certainly knows how to use the knowledge of those cliches for the sake of tension!

And Harold, what wonderful lesbians they are! The characters, not the actors. The actors not being lesbians as far as I know, not the actors not being wonderful. The actors are wonderful! Why's Rooney Mara nominated as Supporting Actress? Therese is the audience's viewpoint character, the most instantly empathized with and the one who goes through the most growth, and I'm pretty sure she even has more screentime than Cate Blanchett's Carol, so she's clearly a Lead and not a "Supporting" character in any way other than not being in the title. Movies can have two leads people! Carol's also easy to fall in love with, confident and sensuous, wrestling control in some pretty intense situations where the odds are stacked against her.

Weren't the aesthetics also great, Harold? The way it captures the 1950s with charm but without being fake or overwhelmingly cute. The way the music and the cinematography capture the slow but deep sensation of falling in love. The costumes, Harold! The costumes!

Yes, Harold, I liked the Harold, They're Lesbians movie too.

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