Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

That movie is just... How can I say it? Outstanding, great, on another level compared to other thrillers, it's crazy it's always moving every little details are essential to the plot. A very original story, although based on a best seller, it's a very fresh concept, different from everything released in recent years. The acting is on point for almost everyone. The movie is well written and the dialogue doesn't get too sappy for my taste and it's wery well shot. This is easily one of my favorite Fincher films, actually, it is my favorite Fincher film. This is not only my favorite Fincher film, but also my favorite 2014 film.

Oscar's talk! So it was only nominated for Best Actress which was Rosamund Pike. Do i think she should've won? Ehhh tough call. But, Julianne Moore for Still Alice is my 4th favorite performance of the decade so i'll go with Julianne in this one. Pike will have her time. Julianne Moore has been overlooked badly for years so i think Julianne was just the right and BEST choice for Best Actress. Besides from that, i thought this film should've been nominated for Best Picture. American Sniper was a RIDICULOUS nomination.

A+ for me

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